Childhood’s End Adapted into a Syfy TV Series

childhoods end

The science fiction novel, “Childhood’s End”, has been adapted into a television miniseries by the Syfy network.

“Childhood’s End” is a novel written in 1953 by Arthur C. Clarke. The book fictitiously describes how a group of aliens called “Overlords” who wanted to invade earth, but in a peaceful way, creating their own utopia, but man culture could pay the price.

Much of the shows on the Syfy network are complete garbage, like some move with terrible acting called Sharknado. While the network tends to lack real quality ninety percent of the time, this addition of a “Childhood’s End” TV show could be a huge pickup in the science fiction genre for Syfy. The television adaptation of “Childhood’s End” will only feature six one-hour episodes, so perhaps it will last too short to tell enough of what there is to know about this fantastic piece of literature.

I already have high hopes for this TV show since its executive producers include Mike De Luca (producer of “The Social Network”, “Moneyball,” and “Captain Phillips”), as well as Akiva Goldsman (producer of “Paranormal Activity” and “I Am Legend”), so I expect this show to be very worthwhile to watch.

While us Earthlings ride around in our fancy limousines, private jets, sports cars, and helicopters, aliens could be coming to a television near you with their extravagant space crafts and UFOs.

Wait and see what this new and short TV series has in store sometime in 2015.

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